4 Things to Think About Before Designing a Custom Closet

A custom closet is a huge win for any Jacksonville home. Stylish detailing combined with space-saving storage systems provides a space that homeowners can enjoy and keep organized. 

Since your closet is meant to be built around you, you’ll want to take time to figure out some of the details of your particular organization needs before you begin the design process. Along with the guidance of an expert More Space Place designer, having a clear understanding of what exactly you are working with will ensure that your custom closet serves you the best it can.

Decide which clothes you need the most access to

One of the key benefits of a custom closet is the ability to plan out where you want to store each section of your clothing. If you want your hanging clothes to be placed right next to the door — you can do that! You can also put them way above the ground. Or you can build your closet to be entirely hanging space. It’s all up to you! 

Consider which clothes you use the most. It’s a good idea to prioritize the placement of these clothes in your closet, giving them a central, easily-accessible spot. In doing so, you’ll make your life much easier when you need to grab and go as fast as possible.

Decide which accessories could benefit from their own home

One of the most unique aspects of a custom closet is the option to install storage for accessories. You can choose to include tie racks, handbag storage, jewelry drawers, and other like storage solutions. 

Take a look at the accessories you have. Which specialized spaces would be most helpful to have in your closet to help organize your Jacksonville home?

Take inventory of your shoes

Shoe shelves and pull-out racks are a cornerstone of custom closets, so figure out how much footwear you have. Knowing how many pairs of shoes will need a space in your closet will give you and the storage professionals at More Space Place Jacksonville a good idea of how to size your closet’s shoe storage. 

Chat with your closet buddy

If you are sharing the closet with someone else, you’ll want to get on the same page about your vision before getting too far into the design process.

It would be a good idea to discuss things like your preferred visual styles (minimalist? boutique? contemporary?), any must-haves, and your expectations about how to share the space fairly.

Sharing a closet can be a tricky thing, but a custom closet is one of the easiest ways to overcome the challenges of closet-splitting. You and your closet buddy can design the closet specifically for the way you intend to go about sharing it.

Partner with More Space Place Jacksonville

Designing a custom closet is no small task, and that’s why More Space Place teams you up with a design expert through the entire process to offer advice, answer questions, and ensure that your custom closet is built to fit your vision. Call More Space Place Jacksonville or sign up online today for a free in-home consultation!