4 Tips to Maximize Space in Small Closets

modern closet with row of cloths hanging in wooden wardrobe

Does your Jacksonville or St. Johns home have small closets? With the right organizational system, you can make the most out of your space, even if that space is smaller than you might prefer. Here are some organizational tips and tricks from your local experts at More Space Place Jacksonville that can help make your closet a bit more efficient.

1. Utilize Shelving

You might think your small closet is too small for shelving, but the right custom shelving can actually make your space easier to organize. We design and install custom shelving fit specifically for each closet, which can be used for shoe storage, accessories, linens, and more!

2. Add Baskets Under the Shelves

A surprising tactic to maximize a small closet space is an under-the-shelf basket. By incorporating these baskets, you can add a bit more storage without sacrificing any space for your clothing. These are great areas for purses, belts, and other miscellaneous accessories.

3. Utilize Doors & Walls

If possible, use the space behind the closet door and any open space on the walls for additional storage. Hooks, over-the-door racks, and similar elements can help utilize this often-ignored space. By scheduling a free in-home design consultation with More Space Place Jacksonville, one of our closet organizational pros can help you evaluate potential areas where these items could be added. Sometimes it only takes small additions to make your closet significantly more functional and effective.

4. Add a Lower Hanging Rod

Your shirts and slacks don’t need floor-to-ceiling hanging space. Add an additional hanging rod below the existing one to prevent valuable hanging space from being wasted. You can also add a narrow shelving unit to utilize this space, but just be sure to leave room for dresses and suits that may need a longer hanging length.

Are you ready to capitalize on these ideas for your own small closet? Custom closet organization is the key! With the expert guidance of the closet professionals from More Space Place of Jacksonville and St. Johns, your small closet can more successfully meet your needs. Contact us today!

Photo: © Kwanchai_Khammuean