Benefits Of A Wall Bed

Wall Beds

If you’ve ever had houseguests unexpectedly come for a visit, you may have experienced the panic that goes along with wondering where they’ll sleep. Maybe you don’t have a spare guest room, or maybe the couch is already in use. Whatever the reason, a wall bed (also known as a Murphy bed) is the answer you’ve been looking for. Here we’ll explore the benefits of a wall bed and reasons why your Jacksonville home needs one.

Multi-Functional Furniture For Multi-Purpose Rooms

If you don’t have enough rooms in your home for one to be a designated guest room, wall beds work great for turning another room into a part-time guest room. Installing a wall bed in a home office is a common solution more and more Jacksonville homeowners are finding works great. Many wall beds have built-in additions, such as a desk, drawers, and shelving units. With these efficient dual-use furniture pieces, you can still have full use of your office, but also have a guest room when you need it. Wall beds work great in kids’ rooms, too. They can have a playroom during the day that can easily turn into a serene sleeping area at night.

Creates More Space For Smaller Homes

Another great benefit of wall beds is the floor space they create. By installing a hidden wall bed, you free up a lot of extra floor space that a traditional bed doesn’t allow for. You pull it down when you need to sleep, and in the morning it easily goes back up to free up the room for other uses. Living in smaller homes, you may often feel crowded or have a hard time keeping your living areas clutter-free. Many wall beds have storage systems built in that you can use to store smaller items.

Wall Beds Are Easy To Use

Unlike futons or pullout trundle beds that are heavy and hard to maneuver, wall beds are very easy to use. They can generally be pulled down and put away with just one hand. You can even leave the sheets and blankets on the bed when you put it away. No more having to remake the bed every time you need to use it. When guests come calling, wall beds are ready to use at a moment’s notice.

Do you have a small space that could benefit from a wall bed? Do you house occasional guests but are tired of having them sleep on the couch? Call More Space Place Jacksonville today to schedule a free estimate and design consultation!

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