Budgeting For A Custom Closet System

Designing Custom Closets

When you start looking at custom closets, it can be fun to dream about all the functional and artistic touches you’ll get to add. Yet many Jacksonville and St. Johns homeowners wind up with sticker shock when they learn the price of a fancy closet system. Before you get too far in the closet planning stage or too worried about the cost, learn how to budget for a custom closet that works for you. At More Space Place Jacksonville, we work with people to create a custom solution that works for their lifestyle, their needs, and their budget.

Decide on a Baseline Budget

If you already have money saved up for a custom closet, you know how much you can afford to invest in a closet system. If you haven’t started saving yet and you know you’ll need to, one good starting point is to start putting money toward a designated closet fund. When you automatically put aside a small portion of your income every month, you’ll be able to build up the money you need for a custom closet more quickly.

When gathering quotes from closet installers, be wary of hidden fees. At More Space Place Jacksonville, we’re very transparent with our customers every step away. Make sure the quotes you get include not just materials, but installation. We are a full-service company. We manufacture all furniture elements in our own facilities, design the systems, and install them in your home, which we include in the cost estimate.

Some budget-conscious homeowners opt to order the closet pieces from a company and do their own installation, or even do the whole project themselves. We do not recommend this for both quality and safety reasons. Working with More Space Place Jacksonville ensures you end up with a custom closet that will last, look great, and increase your home’s value.

Separate Your Wants From Your Needs

When you’re transforming a cluttered and inefficient closet into a useful customized system, it’s easy to see everything as a true necessity. After all, your shoes have been under the bed and your sweaters have been shoved into a bin.

However, if you are budget limited when dreaming up your ideal custom closet, you should determine which components are truly necessary and where you can compromise. For instance, you could save money by placing shoes beneath your hanging clothes rather than installing built-in shoe storage.

At More Space Place serving Jacksonville and St. Johns, we offer free in-home closet design estimates and consultations. These can be a great chance to learn about the systems we offer, how we can design the perfect solution for your space, and what it all costs. Visit our showroom or call us today to set up your free in-home consultation!

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