Creating The Perfect Home Entertainment System

Custom Entertainment Center

Want to take your movie nights to the next level and be the envy of your friends? Then you need a custom entertainment system from More Space Place Jacksonville. We offer space-saving furniture and storage solutions for every area of your home, including innovative solutions for stashing your video game consoles and DVD collection. If you want to achieve heightened media center storage and organization, read on to learn how to create your own perfect home entertainment system.

Make Room!

Today, a typical home media system can include a number of devices and finding ways to keep it all organized can be a struggle. There are a plethora of good pre-made entertainment systems you can buy at your local department store, but even then, it might not have enough storage or the perfect fit. Designing your own system, one that’s built around your TV, stereo equipment, and gaming consoles, will result in the best possible fit every time. When you call a design expert at More Space Place Jacksonville, we work with you to learn your storage needs and design a custom solution for those needs, maximizing the available space. We’ll take inventory of all the items you need stored and make sure there’s a safe and secure home for all your gaming and media equipment.  

Entertainment Center

Make it Cool!

Not only will designing a custom entertainment center help solve your organizational problems, but it will also be a beautiful piece of furniture that accentuates your home’s decor. We offer a variety of colors, finishes, and hardware options that allow you to create something that matches your personal taste and style preferences. Whether you tend toward rustic wood looks or clean lines and modern aesthetics, we have options for you. 

Make it Flexible!

A key function of a perfect entertainment center is making sure the solution is flexible. There will be times when you’ll want to update your video game consoles or add more speakers to your surround sound. Adjustable shelves are an adaptable solution that allows you greater flexibility as your needs change. Space-saving furniture with hidden cabinets and storage areas can help free up even more space while keeping your main area organized and tidy. Additionally, you can even create a home office combination by adding a built-in desk onto your unit. The possibilities really are endless!

Contact your local experts at More Space Place Jacksonville today. We can help you create the perfect custom entertainment center for your home starting with a free consultation and estimate.