Custom Garage Storage Features You Need For the Summer

Garage Storage System

When people consider their storage spaces, the garage is often not the first room that comes to mind. However, garages are used to store large bulky items that can easily create clutter and underused space if not organized properly. With a custom storage system from the expert team here at More Space Place Jacksonville, you’ll have a tidier, more organized garage.

Summer is going to show up before you know it and now is the perfect time to get your garage in shape for all your activities. Here are a few of our key ideas on how to improve your home organization and make more room for your life!


Every garage could use ample cabinet space.
Cabinets can be made from a number of materials to give them a unique look that
complements your aesthetic and lifestyle. Because so many of the items you
store there are larger items, such as paint cans and toolboxes, having tall,
wide cabinets gives you the space you need to keep all of these things out of
sight and ready to use when needed. They can use bright colors to stand out and
add some color to the room, or they may be made in the same color as the walls
to blend in. Having cabinets that are floor to ceiling, or almost that height,
allow for the storage of just about everything so that the floor isn’t
cluttered and nothing gets dusty. 


Having a workspace is an important part of
many garages. A stainless-steel countertop near the storage cabinets will allow
you plenty of room to work on projects without having to bring items indoors. A
wide countertop is the perfect place for small painting jobs, fixing household
items and building things that you can be proud of. 

Wall Racks

Garage Cabinets Garden Slatwall

There will inevitably be items in the garage
that you use often and you want close at hand. That’s what makes wall racks so
easy and practical. Hooks, shelves, or even mounted boxes keep those items off
the floor and clearly organized so you can find what you need quickly. For
often-used items, keep them at eye level. Tools and objects you want to keep
away from children can be stored higher up on the wall.

Hanging Hooks

For larger items like bicycles, hanging
hooks will keep them off the floor and ready to use. Utilizing the wall space
for storage is an easy way to grab these items and go without them getting
tripped over or adding to the clutter of the garage. Sturdy, wall-mounted
hooks will give you more space to use your garage for exercise, big projects,
or park your car.

Are you ready to get the garage you’ve been dreaming
of? More Space Place Jacksonville can work with you to design a storage system that
perfectly meets the needs of you and your family and keep everything from
accumulating in piles on the floor. Contact the experts today and schedule
a free in-home design consultation!