Fun Closet Ideas For Kids’ Rooms

Kid's Custom Closet

If you’re a family with kids in your home, we know how difficult it can be to keep their rooms organized. With a million other things on your plate, you shouldn’t have to constantly be worrying about tidying up their toys, clothes, or schoolwork. As organization experts, we understand that kids’ rooms are usually prioritized last when it comes to cleaning, yet the most cluttered. Here are some fun ideas from the designers of More Space Place Jacksonville to keep your children’s room clean. It all starts with creating a custom closet solution to fit your needs.

Build a desk into the closet

If you have a child in school or getting ready to start school, this is a game-changer. There are a few different benefits of building the desk into the closet.

  1. It will allow for more space in the rest of the room. If the desk is custom-designed to fit in the room with the right amount of closet space surrounding it, the rest of the space is free for more playroom.
  2. This will give your child a quiet, isolated space to work on their schoolwork, allowing for more focus without having distractions from the rest of the family in the common areas.
  3. It will save you from the clutter in the common area. Come dinner time, you won’t have to worry about picking up all of the school supplies and moving them. With the desk in their room, the common areas will be free of clutter!

Use a double clothing rack system

Especially for younger children, their clothing is usually small and short which makes it easy to create layers of hanging rods. Stack two or three clothing rods on top of each other and instantly have double the amount of hanging space without having to expand the closet’s width.

Use colorful storage baskets

This can be a fun way to get your kids excited about their closet space, and even about organizing their own clothes! Use different colors of baskets for different clothing categories, such as pants in a yellow bin and socks in a blue bin. Teach your kids which bin correlates to each clothing item and soon enough they will be able to organize their entire closet themselves!

Install drawers with trays for shoes

When creating the closet space, make sure to include drawers with trays on them. Place shoes on the trays and slide them into a hidden position. This organizes while maintaining a clean, clutter-free room.

Need more help in designing your kid’s closet?

Contact our designers at More Space Place Jacksonville! We learn about your specific needs to create a closet storage solution for you. Invest in an organized lifestyle and start your design today.