How to Best Design A Home Office

Home Office Setup

home office can be a haven of efficiency in a home if designed correctly. Fortunately, it is not difficult to make a space that is ideal for you and the whole family. Here are a few things our experts at More Space Place Jacksonville recommend you do to design the home office of your dreams.

Focus Each Task

Making a list of everything that you want to do in the home office will help you determine which tasks need extra support. Families might use the home office for:

  • Office work done at home
  • Homework for kids and teens
  • Sorting mail
  • Paying bills

Some of these tasks can be done in the same space, but others may require a division. For example, if you spend your days in the office but allow the teenagers to take it over in the evening, you need a way to separate your important papers. Designate a cabinet or set of drawers for each major task, so that the desk can always remain clear.

Design for Efficiency

When you create your custom home office from the ground up, you get to put everything right where it should be. Some homeowners get stuck in the idea that the computer must go in a certain spot or the printer has to be in another. In truth, the most efficient way to get work done allows you to organize the space exactly as you might use it. When you sit down to do work, everything you will need on a regular basis should be right within reach. Save the more distant shelves or cabinets for extra supplies, reference books or items that you only need on occasion.

Organize Your Supplies

Although the main features of your home office might include a desk, chair and cabinets or shelving, you also need small storage. Supplies that you might need daily, like notepads, pens, printer paper or ink cartridges, can easily get out of hand if you don’t have a good place to keep each one. Shoving everything loosely into a single drawer under the desk may be close to hand, but inefficient when you start digging for a pen. Instead, use open-top storage containers to keep really small items on your desk or a nearby shelf. Invest in drawer organizers to keep everything separate.

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