How to Choose the Right Color for Your Kitchen Pantry

Corner Pantry

Your kitchen pantry isn’t a public area that everyone can see when they walk in your front door; even so, it’s important to choose the right pantry color to create a clean, bright ambiance that makes it easy for you to find needed items. If you intend to sell your home in the future, the right pantry color can attract potential buyers and increase your home’s overall value.

Modern Pantry Shelving

What are the Options?

Experts point out that using dark paint colors for a kitchen pantry is a bad idea. While a dark color may hide spills and stains, it will also hide bugs and mold. Light and/or bright colors reflect light, brightening up the area and making it easy for you to find stored items quickly and easily. Following are some color options that are well worth considering.


White may seem bland but it’s class when properly used. If your kitchen walls are a dark color and/or you have a minimalist style of decor in your home, white could be ideal for your pantry shelves. As an added benefit, it’s a neutral color that will appeal to potential buyers if you intend to sell the home.


Lemon yellow isn’t overly ostentatious. It’s a subdued yet fairly bright shade of yellow that’s ideal for a kitchen pantry in a home with a traditional or old-fashioned style of decor. It’s warm and will reflect natural light back up under shelves. A bright shade of yellow can be appealing but bear in mind it can be hard to paint over it if you want to change your pantry paint color in the future.


Would you like a bold pantry that stands out from the norm? Orange is a popular kitchen color option and you can extend the brightness by painting your pantry the same shade of orange as your kitchen walls. Color options range from pale orange to peach to bright orange.


Green pantry walls with white shelves is an ideal combination that will give the room a natural yet energizing feel and ambiance. Mint green is perfect for those who want to create a playful, vibrant atmosphere while pale green is perfect for homes that are meant to have a formal or elegant style of decor.

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