How to Design an Ergonomic Closet

Custom Closet Hanging System

Perhaps organization is not your forte. You look at pictures of organized closets and feel they are too good to be true. Or you are all too familiar with the experience of organizing your things, only to have them return to disorder after a few weeks. More Space Place of Jacksonville is here to help! Once your closet is organized in a practical manner that fits with your routine, it will also be much easier to maintain. Read on for a few basic ideas on how to design an ergonomic closet.

Arrange Clothing By Type

First, group all your clothing by type, the same way as you shop at a department store or boutique. Designate a section of your closet for pants, another section for shirts, another for coats and jackets, and so on. Return items to the same area each time. Bring further order to your closet by investing in matching hangers. This provides a consistent look and can help with maintaining organization.

Adjust Your Closet to Fit Your Routine

Along with organizing your closet by clothing type, it also helps to arrange your items in an ergonomic manner. This means arranging your clothes in a way that make sense to you and fits with your routine. Consider what order you dress in and design your closet layout so it naturally fits with your movement.

Closet Tie Rack

For example, consider a man who wears suits to work. He could hang his slacks and dress shirts on two-tiered closet rods. If he normally puts on his slacks first followed by his shirt, then he should hang his slacks from the top rod, allowing him to naturally reach for them. Moving from left to right, the rest of the closet will fit with his routine. If he normally puts on a tie next, then the next section will hold ties. If the last step in his routine is putting on shoes, then his shoe storage should be at the end of the closet, perhaps with a chair beside it so he can easily put them on.

Like the example above, you can also incorporate an ergonomic design into your own closet. This helps you save time in the morning, and creates an easier setup to maintain.

Get Started Today

If you would like more help designing an ergonomic closet, call More Space Place of Jacksonville today and schedule a complementary, in-home consultation. Our designers can offer countless solutions to turn your closet into the functional space you’ve always wanted.

Photo Credit: © Freezingtime