How To: Organize Your Pantry for the Holidays

The holiday season means time spent cooking with family and enjoying one of the most special times of the year. As we all know, though, the magic of the season can quickly turn to stress without the right preparations. This holiday season, the team at More Space Place Jacksonville wants to help you keep your holiday cooking, and all the preparations that go along with it, as easy to manage as possible by helping you organize your pantry for the occasion. Read on to find out our top four tips for an organized holiday pantry this year!

  1. Take Stock—The first step of any organizational process is to take stock of what you have and eliminate any expired or unneeded products (and it’s a great time of year to donate those old soup cans to the needy!) To get your pantry ready for holiday use, start by trimming down the excess and gaining a thorough understanding of what you have and what you’ll need for holiday meals.
  2. Create a Holiday Section—Once you’ve taken inventory, purchase any missing products for your holiday meals, and then create a section dedicated to those special meals in your pantry. Having a section particularly set aside for the holiday will help you stay organized and help any guests assisting with cooking find what they need with ease.
  3. Make It Easy – Embrace labels and subsections (like labeling holiday spices, holiday baking supplies, etc) to make your organization system as easy for yourself and guests to understand and operate as possible.
  4. Enjoy! At the end of the day, you should be able to enjoy this time of year as much as possible. If you’re interested in creating an organized pantry but not in taking on the project alone, call the experts at More Space Place Jacksonville. We’re well versed in crafting organizational systems that meet all of our clients’ needs and would be happy to help you create your best pantry yet.

To start working with More Space Place Jacksonville on your organization projects, call us today or visit our Jacksonville showroom. We strive to help our clients live their most organized lives and can’t wait to help you get started on your projects.