How to Use Custom Cabinets to Free Up Small Living Spaces

Getting the most out of your living space is essential. Finding a place for all your stuff might be hard, but it’s worth the extra effort. Maybe you don’t use your home all the time, but you still want to make room for visitors. No matter the reason for wanting more space, here’s a few ideas from More Space Place Jacksonville on how to use custom cabinets to free up common indoor areas.

Custom Cabinets

Sometimes, standard furniture doesn’t fit quite the way you need it to. Custom cabinets can change that. You can have them installed in any room of your home. Here are examples of custom cabinet types.

Corner cabinets – Usually, they sit on top of another counter. You can use them in a kitchen, laundry room or anywhere you want to take advantage of unused space. They come in 12 and 24-inch widths and either with or without a door. You also could stack them from the floor up to however high you want to.

Corner base cabinets – Choose from either the radius base or the angle base cabinets. You’ll find them in 15- to 20- inch widths, which you can use for corner office storage. They also work with living room, basement or bedroom interior displays. 

Wall units – Choose from several sizes, with the smallest being 19 inches and the tallest 90 inches. They also come in different widths. You can choose from several layouts. For instance, you can have them built with both shelves and drawers or just one or the other. In addition, you can choose doors or no doors. Either the shelves or drawers come in different sizes too. 

Drop-down cable cabinets – This foldable tabletop with cabinet space provides you versatility. Use it either in your home office or living room, for instance. Use the table when in down position when you need a workspace, but fold it back up to provide room for guests. You could even add it to your kitchen for both storage and food preparation space. 

Additional Space-Saving Tips

Some custom cabinets fit well inside closets, which would free up bedroom space. You also can request organization solutions for your pantries or broom closets. In fact, you could have them made for placement in just about any interior space. 

You also can request further cabinet customizations, including media centers. Contact More Space Place to learn more.