Increase Teens’ Bedroom Spaces with Murphy Beds

While having bunk beds worked for your children when they were younger, the kids are now teens that require bigger beds for their growing bodies. However, the square footage of the shared bedroom may not have increased. Placing in two separate beds can take up a lot of space that can be used for the kids to play, hang out, and work on school projects. As a solution, consider adding in Murphy beds, as they provide a space-saving and mature feel to the shared bedroom.

Wall Inset and Framed Murphy Beds

Murphy beds come in a range of different styles. Some Murphy beds are set in the wall. When they are pulled up, they are flush with the wall’s surface, providing optimal room for kids to set up foldable tables and move chairs around. Other Murphy beds come with their own frame. The frame can be designed with storage spaces so each teenager has their own shelves and cubbies to store their personal items.

Murphy beds may also be designed with fold-out tables underneath. After lifting the bed up, the table will automatically fold out so teenagers will have their own spaces to read and study for tests.

Varying Room Arrangements

Murphy beds can be set up in different ways. You may have each bed side by side with the head of the bed up against the same wall. You can also have the beds on opposite walls with the foot of the beds facing each other. You may also have one Murphy bed up lengthwise along the wall and the other bed set up across the room against the other wall but facing outward.

Since there are so many different arrangements, you can set up the beds into the layout that best works with the bedroom’s configuration. Speaking with a home storage company such as More Space Place Jacksonville can allow you to come up with decor styles for a teen’s bedroom.

Increased Walking Area

One of the major advantages of a Murphy bed is that it will instantly provide extra space when needed. For teenagers who are athletic, love to work out, or love to dance, the beds provide instant floor space. Kids can jump around, set up their workout routines, dance to their favorite music, and keep their bodies active. The extra walking area also makes it easier to keep the space clean and organized.

When wanting to provide more room for your teenagers to grow and socialize, investing in Murphy beds can allow you to adjust the amount of space in the shared bedroom when it is needed. Your teenagers can do everything they need without bumping into each other. For more decor ideas, contact our experts today.