Murphy Beds In the Modern Home

Life’s constant demands prompt the need for more versatile space. Murphy beds expand your home’s potential to make rooms multifunctional. Though beds take up a considerable amount of space, Murphy beds allow you to hide them during the day. They also make it possible to turn an office or den into an occasional guest bedroom.

What Are Murphy Beds?

Though multifunctional furniture can save space, many opt for a traditional bed just so they don’t have to deal with the hassle of a futon or fold-out bed. Sub-par mattresses and complicated storage methods make them more of a burden than an asset. But Murphy beds fix every pain point people have with space-saving furniture. They fold up into the wall easily, requiring no complicated steps to hide it from plain sight. The mattress also stays flat and is the same quality as a traditional one and are even specially built for their unique vertical storage. You no longer have to choose between saving space and comfort when you have a Murphy bed!

For the Guest Room

The guest room is a perfect spot for a Murphy bed. All too often we see homeowners wasting an entire spare room on a bulky guest bed that is only used for a few weeks throughout the year. A model like The Jefferson Library Bed, pictured above, has built-in shelving for your books and collectibles. This makes it possible to still use your spare room for whatever you need without sacrificing valuable space to house guests. When not in use, it looks like a thin armoire with side storage areas. You can also opt for the Dreamsaver Murphy Bed which comes with side shelving sections. Since it also folds down vertically, it’s a good option for full and queen-sized mattresses.

Office & Children’s Rooms

If you have a small room with low ceilings, a smaller Murphy bed like the Cosmopolitan Side Panel Bed is an excellent option. Instead of dropping down vertically like typical Murphy beds, it drops down horizontally. When the bed is folded away, it looks like a thin storage cabinet that has a top shelf for displaying keepsakes. To save even more space, you can select a twin sized-mattress, making it an excellent bed for children or an office.

Studio Apartments

If you want your bed to serve double-duty as a sofa, the Chesterfield Bed-Over-Sofa provides you a comfortable bed at night and a fashionable couch by day. This is excellent for nearly any room of the house and is especially useful for studio apartments where every square foot matters. Setting up this dual-purpose furniture is easy, too! All you have to do is move the remove the sofa’s cushions and pull the bed down where it will rest easily between the armrests. The couch is also anchored to the unit so there is no need to move it.

Space Saving Solutions

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