Murphy Beds

Double your space with a Murphy bed!

The standard Murphy bed stores upright in a cabinet when not in use, hidden by attractive bi-fold doors. By storing the bed in its cabinet, valuable floor space is recovered for other uses. Operation of the Murphy bed is incredibly easy. The high-tech frames are counter-balanced for stability and easy one-finger operation.

Why get a Murphy bed for your Jacksonville home?

For one, they are comfortable. Contrary to what some may believe, Murphy beds aren’t the same as your traditional store-away beds. They fold up into the wall, and the mattress stays flat while stored away. Not having to fold the mattress, as you do with futons and sofa beds, avoids the formation of uncomfortable lumps. Sleeping on a Murphy bed mattress is just like sleeping on a regular mattress.

They’re also great space savers. Having a Murphy bed allows for your room to pull double duty, as it frees up the floor space to use during the day. You don’t have anywhere for your guests to sleep? Add a Murphy bed in your home office for when you need it. Your kids don’t have enough space to play? Turn their bedroom into a daytime playroom with the installation of a Murphy bed. The versatile options these great beds provide are nearly endless.

Here at More Space Place, we carry a great selection of versatile Murphy beds in a number of different styles. If you need somewhere for your book collection, perhaps you’d like The Jefferson “Library Bed.” The center doors glide open to each side of the cabinet to access the Murphy bed. It also has built-in shelving space for storage or book display. If your room is narrow, has low ceilings, or other height constraints, perhaps our Cosmopolitan Side Panel Bed would be a great option for you. It drops down horizontally rather than vertically, hiding the doors at the base of the bed when it’s down.

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