Must-Have Features for a Custom Closet

The best part about designing a custom closet is the ability to pick and choose only the features you want. If you’re struggling to fill out your custom closet, gain inspiration from some of these popular features seen in Jacksonville homes. Here at More Space Place, we can give you the insight into how to best craft a dream closet that fits in with your lifestyle.

Boutique Lighting

It might not be an obvious element, but a custom closet needs good lighting. Without it, you’ll struggle to pick out clothing. Rather than sacrifice floor space, integrate recessed overhead lighting and under-shelving lighting to get the most use from your closet.

modern closet with row of cloths hanging in wooden wardrobe

Custom Shelving

Custom shelving lets you store everything tidily, reducing clutter in your custom closet. Good shelves are deep enough to store folded clothing, such as sweaters. A closet designer can help you determine the best shelving arrangement for your possessions.

Second Hanging Rod

You’ll double the goods you can store and your use of space with two hanging rods rather than one. Work shirts and dresses can hang from the upper rack, while pants or skirts go below. When you use two hanging rods against one wall, you can free up more space for custom shoe storage, custom shelves, or another feature you may have your eye on.

Shoe Rail

Getting your shoes off the floor helps you see what you’ve got and make smart wardrobe choices. Elevate and angle shoes with a shoe rail, similar to the way shoes are displayed in boutiques.

Closet Island

white hat and jewelry set on a dresser table in a contemporary room.

If there’s space in your walk-in closet for an island, it’s a great feature to add. You can sort and fold laundry, lay out clothes when packing for vacation, or do your ironing. Try it and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this must-have feature.

Laundry Storage

After investing time and money in a custom closet, the last thing you wait is a pile of laundry on the floor. Add hampers, laundry bins, or laundry baskets so you can keep your laundry organized and out of the way.

Decide which of these features are right for you, then play around with a few different layouts. The expert designers at More Space Place Jacksonville can help you streamline, organize, and bring your custom closet to fruition. Call us today!

Photo Credits: © Kwanchai Khammuean