Organization Tips When Sharing a Home Office

An empty working desk for two in home office. Working from home concept.

Whether they are using a spare room as a place to finish presentations for in-office meetings, engage in remote work, or are starting their businesses, more couples and family members are investing in shared home office spaces to get their work done. When sharing a home office, the layout can be tricky. Here are several organization tips to develop a layout that spurs productivity.

Desk Setup Defines the Space

The desk, or desks, will help to determine how much extra space will be available for storage cabinets, supply closets, and office equipment. There are various layout designs possible based on the dimensions of the home office. Here are some options to consider:

One Shared Desk: Each person can have a side of the desk as they face each other. This arrangement can be beneficial for people who enjoy talking to each other, or who work at the same job or on similar projects. It also allows the workspace to share the best lighting in the room either from the window or artificial lights.

One Long Shared Desk: Sometimes spare rooms are more rectangular than square. In these instances, sharing a long desk that is against the wall works well. The people will sit side by side. If someone requires privacy to be more productive, a small divider can be placed on the desk.

Two Desks Pushed Together: Much like an elementary school class, this setup offers a way for each person to have their own desk space while still working together. The desks can also be set up to make one long desk. It offers more surface space than sharing only one desk.

Two Desks Facing Away: This setup allows each person to have their own personal space away from each other. Placing each desk catty-corner also ensures that chairs won’t bump into each other when a person stands up.

Wall and Desk Storage

Storage space can become limited in home office areas. When running out of open floor area, turn to the spaces above or below your desk. Under desk storage allows you to place files, equipment, and office supplies within handy reach. It also keeps your items organized and separate. This storage solution works with all types of desk setups. If you are sharing a space, don’t overcrowd the space underneath the desk because you and your desk partner will have nowhere to place your legs when sitting down.

Wall storage is another great way to keep the home office organized and clean. Hanging cabinets and shelves can provide more floor space to move about. An organizational expert such as More Space Place Jacksonville can provide reliable storage solutions.

Ready to Start Your Shared Home Office Design?

Before buying the furniture, both people should sit down and create a list of all the equipment and supplies they will need for their work. This strategy will help you decide on the best layout and right furniture for the office space. Contact the experts of More Space Place Jacksonville, and we can help you get started on your home office design!