Rustic-Inspired Ideas for Custom Closets

Isn’t there just something so quaint and satisfying about rustic design features? Rustic interiors done right will evoke a sense of the great outdoors, and of simpler times. Here at More Space Place of Jacksonville, we are always excited to embark on creative design journeys, and rustic-inspired custom closets are some of our favorite projects. Read along as we look at some key ways to add rustic design to your own custom closet!

Multicolored sweaters stacked on a wooden surface with a free space

Rustic Custom Closets Need Wood!

One of the simplest and most effective ways to create a rustic aesthetic is by opting for wood materials. Distressed wood may work best, but that’s up to your personal taste. What we can say is that wood shelving, cabinetry, clothing hangers, and doors all contribute to a rustic custom closet design.

For rustic perfection, straightforward is almost always better than elaborate. Shelves or heavy doors with complex designs or dark wood stains will usually take your closet design to a more baroque place. Rustic closets are at their best when their wood features are matte, unstained or lightly stained, and natural. But make no mistake — despite its simple formula, rustic design is anything but plain!

Rustic Design Touches

Once you have your wood features selected, there are some other design touches that really elevate your space. Wicker baskets offer utility and thematic synergy in rustic custom closets. Alternatively, some shelves may work really well as pallet-style compartments, with planks running horizontally across some of the shelving units.

With all of that earthy-tone design, rustic closets can benefit greatly from touches of metal to balance your colors. Matte metal cabinet or drawer handles are popular, but you can also try burnished bronze instead.

Looking for More Inspiration?

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