Space Saving Strategies

For many, redecorating seems like an overwhelming task that will be costly and only add to the clutter in a home. But, that doesn’t have to be the case. Get the inside scoop from experts who are teeming with space-saving and redecorating knowledge.

Whether you’re downsizing because of an empty nest, your home is overflowing with unused belongings or you’re just looking to spruce up a bit, we have the strategies that can help you manage even the most unmanageable of spaces. Mastering the art of making small spaces look bigger and serve multiple purposes can seem like a daunting task, but getting organized is a feat that doesn’t have to be a complete home overhaul. With the right advice, you might even have some fun.

Stephani Fohrman, a local teacher who recently relocated, says she found tips to revamp her home by browsing web and social media sites and reading up on anything that is do it yourself. Stephani’s extra bedroom serves as a study, guest room and storage space. “I’ve also hung a plastic shoe organizer on the inside of my pantry door. It holds cleaning supplies, spices, dishtowels and what ever else I need. I love that under my sink isn’t a cleaning supply abyss anymore.”

Whether you’re converting your unused, formal dining room to a library and breakfast nook, or managing that oversized closet, local space-saving expert Sue Corso can help. Sue identifies a few must-have pieces from her shop, More Space Place, that can transform a small space into a multi-function room with dual purposes. “Our hidden desk bed combines the function of an office desk with full size desk surface that can accommodate your laptop, PC and printers, plus, provide you with a wonderful amount of space for a work surface. When the night comes, it transforms into a bed.” The hidden desk bed’s functionality makes it perfect for dorms or teen bedrooms.

Soon-to-be-new-mom Tance Gonder is making room for her baby girl Chloe by transforming what used to be a workout room and office into a nursery. “Luckily our current house has tons of closet space to store stuff,” she says. She knows from being an aunt how many things little girls accumulate. “I can tell from watching my sister. Her house is overflowing with her daughter’s toys.”

Closets can be a problem area for many looking to make the most of a small space. But, Sue says closets should give you freedom. Utilize all the closet space by adding belt racks, drawers, shoe organizers and other custom features. These allow you to make better use of your space and keep your items organized.

If you’re looking mix it up, but keep things simple, try changing color palettes, shelving and rearranging furniture in a room to make a big difference with small adjustments. St. Augustine resident and interior design consultant Debra Carpenter says, “Art objects and clusters of framed art in the same or neutral colors moves the eye across, and up and down giving an illusion of open space.”

When it comes to furniture, Debra says, “It is a very good idea to buy furniture that does not hit the floor.” Furniture with legs creates an “excellent illusion to expand space visually.”

From color palettes, organizational tricks and dual-use furniture, there is a solution for every room and every small space. If you’re ready for a change and to make the most of your home, give some of these tips a try.