Tips for Closet-Sharing Couples

Sometimes cohabitating couples need to make the best of their space, and that includes closet storage. This can be awfully tricky if attempted without guidance by the experts at More Space Place of Jacksonville! Read through our guide, including tips on how to share your closet storage space with a partner. Avoid those messy pitfalls and reach a harmonious, effective solution for both closet owners.

Making the Cut

First and foremost, both closet owners need to evacuate the closet of its contents – clothes, jewelry, shoes, tools, and anything else that may be lurking in there. Sort through your own belongings and make decisions about what you can and cannot part with. This is the toughest part of the whole endeavor! But by selecting your essentials, you’re not only making room for a partner, but making life simpler and easier on yourself, removing extras that get in the way of your favorite stored items.

Separate Closet Dressers and Cabinets

Storing items in the same drawers might lead to confusion. Busy mornings could lead one person to quickly rifle through their partner’s things to get to their own. Separate closet drawer systems on separate sides of the closet will do nicely.

This is especially helpful when both partners need to use the closet around the same time of day. Each person keeps to their own side for easy simultaneous access. If there is only enough room for one cabinet or dresser in the closet, try dividing the drawers in half; one person gets the top, the other gets the bottom.

It can also be helpful to label or color-code your drawers for immediate recognition. The closet space doesn’t have to be shared 50-50, but both partners should be comfortable with the amount of closet space that has been allocated to them. However you organize your shared closet, it is critical to do it as a team, so that you are both on board with the storage solutions reached.

Hiding Your Dirty Laundry

Rather than letting your dirty clothes impede your partner’s closet use, try a More Space Place specialty: the laundry drawer! With one convenient pull-out drawer for dirty laundry, your shared closet becomes a convenient dressing/undressing station. When you are finished with them, your clothes can be popped right into the laundry drawer, out of sight and ready for quick access when it comes time to hit the washer and dryer.

Sharing Closets and Expertise Every Day

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