Transform Your Guest Bedroom With A Murphy Bed

A guest bedroom is a great addition to any home, especially during the holiday season when friends and family are prone to visit. However, since you don’t have guests year-round, the room has a tendency to be underutilized. At More Space Place Jacksonville, we want you to get the most of your guest bedroom, year-round. Here’s how a Murphy bed can transform your space!

Create Usable Space

A bed takes up most of the space in your guest bedroom. Adding a Murphy bed will free up space, so you can use the room. Creating usable space is the most important step in creating a multi-functional guest bedroom.

When guests come to stay, you can pull down the bed and they can sleep in style. Murphy beds offer plush mattresses and beautiful designs. Do you use your bedroom as an extra storage space? Don’t worry, you still can! We have Murphy beds in many different designs, with an array of shelving opportunities. At More Space Place Jacksonville we can also help you customize your closet, giving you plenty of storage space.

How Do You Want To Use The Room?

With the addition of a Murphy bed, you have space to spare in your guest bedroom. Now is when you need to decide exactly how you want to make use of the area. We know many Jacksonville homeowners opt to create their own home office. We have amazing furniture systems, so you can fit the décor to your style.

If you’re not in need of a home office, you can still make the room into a great multi-functional space. Here are some of our other favorite uses for spare bedrooms:

  • Playroom – If you have kids, you know how quickly toys spread throughout a home. Turning your spare room into a designated playroom will help reign in toys. Plus, your kids will love having a room where they can build a fort anytime.
  • Home Gym – We lead busy lives and making time to go to the gym is difficult. Turning your spare bedroom into a home gym will make it easier to exercise on a regular basis. Add in a yoga mat or a treadmill and you’re ready to work out!
  • Sewing Room – Do you love to do arts and crafts? Setting up and putting away a sewing machine can be a hassle. If you were to convert your spare room into an arts and crafts space, you wouldn’t have to worry about shuffling around your supplies every day.

Update Your Spare Bedroom Today!

Transforming your guest bedroom into a multifunctional space will completely shift the way you use your home. How are you going to use the added space in your guest room? Give More Space Place Jacksonville a call today to get started!

Photo Credit: © Rawpixel