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Laundry/ Utility Room Storage

Laundry & Utility Room Storage in Mt. Pleasant and Charleston

Chores are made easier with beautiful and functional solutions

Custom laundry cabinets charleston

Laundry or utility rooms help you keep your home tidy. Storage solutions from More Space Place can help you save time searching for cleaning products and can even help to beautify your home. Find storage ideas and inspiration for your home below.

Storage Solutions

Cabinets & Shelving

Customized solutions do the dirty work for you when it comes to organizing. You’ll create a designated place for all of your items, which means no more searching around for your favorite dryer sheet! 

  • Tall cabinets are perfect for storing mops, brooms, and even the ironing board! 
  • – Use upper cabinets to keep harsh chemicals and cleaners out of reach from young children.
  • Shelving creates efficient storage for laundry detergents and other home cleaning essentials.


Pullout drawers give you easy access to your items. Wire drawers allow for breathability and visibility. Stock drawers with irregularly-shaped objects and cleaners like dryer balls or hangers.

Hanging Areas

Create a place to air dry laundry in your storage system. Short hanging rails are usually perfect solutions.

Hooks can also be used within cabinets or directly on walls to keep coats and backpacks.

Custom white bench storage

Double-Duty Furniture

If your utility room doubles as an entry point to your home, try using a built-in storage bench to keep sports equipment and a place to put on shoes.

Finishes, Door Styles, and Materials 

MSP Mt. Pleasant thermofoil door styles

A few of our door style options.

Our cabinets and storage systems come in a wide variety of colors, finishes, and materials. We also offer many different door styles to match different tastes. Doors are a great way to conceal clutter. 

All of our units are crafted here in America from high-quality materials.

Learn more about our finishes and styles.

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