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Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Row of colorful apartments Charleston SCApartment, townhome, and condo owners all have to deal with a similar issue. How do they make their lives more comfortable when they have a limited amount of space? These homes have varied floor plans where they may have larger living room and kitchen spaces, yet smaller bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets. Trying to find enough room for furniture, seating, entertainment, and clothes can be a challenge.

Instead of moving, you can look for storage solutions that are tailored for smaller space living. An experienced home storage company, such as More Space Place of Charleston, can redesign your condo, apartment, or townhome so you have all the room you need.

Hide Large Furniture Away

Beds are the one piece of immovable furniture that takes up the most space in a bedroom. You’ll constantly have to walk around it to reach other parts of the room or to clean. Hiding it away in a wall nook can make small rooms feel bigger and give you additional space so you can do more, especially in small studio apartments or condo. Consider a Murphy bed with bookcases or an office unit. This provides you with multi-functional furniture that keeps large furniture tucked away when not in use. These are also ideal for guest bedrooms since it gives a room multiple purposes. Customized entertainment centers Charleston, SC

Centralize Entertainment Systems

When you have a computer in one area, the television in another spot, and the video game center on the opposite wall, it can make a living room feel disorganized. Organize your life with a centralized media cabinet system. Along with creating a place to set the television, cabinet doors can protect all of your home entertainment electronics and hide them when you have company. Plus, you’ll eliminate wires running across the floor and under rugs to give a cleaner and more organized appearance to the room.

Optimize Wall and Door Space

Walls and doors are your best friends when creating storage solutions for small spaces. Hanging or building shelves will free up floor space. Rods and hanging organizers can transform the back of a door into another storage place to hold a variety of items from clothing accessories, shoes, kids’ toys, or toiletries. Wall hooks can also hold larger items, such as pots and even bicycles, to free up more space in your townhome, condo, or apartment.

Here at More Space Place, serving the Charleston and Mount Pleasant areas, we help people find the room they need without having to give up their possessions (although this can help too). Contact us today and let us help you redesign your small living space by creating better storage solutions.

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