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Top Custom Closet Accessories

Top Custom Closet Accessories

Custom closets don’t have to end with cabinets, drawers, rods, and shelves! Find out how you can personalize your closet with helpful accessories from the Charleston closet experts at More Space Place.

Custom closet accessories in Charleston


Proper lighting can help set different moods and help you locate items with ease. We typically install built-in lighting with our wall beds and office units, but there’s no reason we can’t do the same in your closet! If you have space, you can even try statement light fixtures like sparkly chandeliers or drop pendants.

Valet Rods

Valet rods are one of the most popular closet accessories that we offer. It is a slim pull out rod that is screwed inside a cabinet or shelf. They come in a lot of different finishes to coordinate with your design, and they are very handy. If you constantly find yourself rushing in the morning or think you have nothing to wear, a valet rod can help you plan outfits in advance the night before. This can help you feel confident when you walk out the door.


Sometimes hampers can get overlooked when designing a closet. However, built-in hampers that are hidden within a cabinet give a sleek look to a closet. Plus, it can make laundry time easier. Bins can come lined in a fabric material, making it easy to transport clothes to the dry cleaner or laundry machine.

Pullout mirror in Downtown Charleston custom closet


This is one of our more unique additions, but they are very helpful if you have limited space. Often, our clients will wonder where they can hang a mirror if they already utilize wall space for something else. The answer is a hideaway mirror. The mirror can tuck into your closet system when not in use, has a low profile, and it pulls out when you want to take one last glance at yourself before heading out.

Ironing Board

Another accessory that we can add is a fold out ironing board. It makes it easy to do this chore and can take up less space than a typical bulky ironing board. In addition, we can build cabinetry around it so you have room for all of your clothing care items like sweater combs, the iron, and lint rollers.

Come stop by our showroom to see and feel how closet accessories can maximize your custom closet system! We serve clients in the greater Tri-County areas including Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and Goose Creek.

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