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Top Kid Closet Organization Tips

Top Kid Closet Organization Tips

Custom closets are one of our specialties! It’s always fun for us to help a family get organized in their home. Here are some of our top tips when it comes to organizing kid’s closets. Custom closet for kids Charleston, SC

Mind Placement

Smaller kids can have trouble putting things away if it’s out of reach. Keep bins and drawers at their height so they can help keep their room tidy. Lower hanging areas with a rail or a row of hooks are also handy for smaller kids. Double hanging areas will provide plenty of storage space as they grow older. In addition, put out-of season out of reach. This will help keep the essentials close at hand.

Try Zones

Have a specific area or bin for different activities or items. For example, one shelf can be dedicated to shoes, while another shelf can be used for sweaters and accessories. You can also try dividing things based on activity like dance classes, soccer, and school clothes or uniforms. Don’t forget that accessories like headbands, ribbons, and belts should also have a designated area. Keep items in drawstring bags or small bins to keep things organized. This will keep items grouped neatly together.

Consider Toys & Size Constraints

If you have a historical home, you may be short on closet space. However, special considerations when it comes to size limits can help you make the most of any space. In addition, using other areas in your children’s room can help maintain order in their room. Consider storage benches, bed storage, even additional cabinets and drawers for extra storage for clothes or toys.

Don’t Forget Labels

Labels help you and your tots find what they are looking for. Look for labels that you can reuse or easily swap out as items are rotated. Fun chalkboard signs can inject some design and colors to a kid’s closet. Even using a set of stickers or other visual aids can help kids stay organized.

Invest in a Closet System

Closet systems can transform your home for the better and can grow with your kids. The durable materials help you and your kids store more in their closets and will last longer than whatever came in your home or what you would install yourself. Plus, if you ever decide to downsize or move, your closets would be a selling point.

Children closet systems are one of our specialties. Call us when you’re ready to transform your home, your habits, and your stuff with better organization!

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