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5 Amazing Tiny Houses to Inspire Creative Organization

5 Amazing Tiny Houses to Inspire Creative Organization

remodeling tools in shape of a houseOne of the key reasons that people come to More Space Place of Myrtle Beach and Surfside Beach for help is to make the most of their cramped spaces. It can be hard to fit everything you need into the itty-bitty homes that so many of us live in today. After all, square footage doesn’t come cheap! But sometimes it can be difficult to get creative with awkward, tiny spaces. That’s why we hope you’ll be inspired by this post to make the most of your small space, the way these mini-home owners have done with theirs. 

Flatbed Trailer Dream Home

See Macy Miller’s Flatbed Trailer Dream Home

At 196 square feet, it’s hard to imagine how Idaho-based architect Macy Miller manages to live comfortably in her $11,000 modern, minimalist, and eco-friendly dream home.  8 feet wide and built onto the flatbed of a trailer, this mobile mini-home is a leader in the Small House Movement. Using recycled and reclaimed materials including pallet wood and aluminum, this tiny house is a testament to architectural creativity. Miller utilizes creative storage solutions in her kitchen like hanging racks, wall shelving, and magnetic strips along the wall for knives.  She stores her books, TV, and kitchen appliances with built-in spaces throughout her walls. A lofted bed provides even more storage space. She even manages to fit in a deck!

Mobile Floating Home

See inside Dymitr Malcew’s Mobile Floating House

Managing to fit two bedrooms into his luxurious floating home designed for the French developer H2ORIZON, Singapore-based architect Dymitr Malcew writes that “the Floating House was designed for people who appreciate freedom and nature at their doorstep.” The house may be small, but manages to creatively fit in a living room, kitchen, and terrace, all tied together by the modern and minimal design of a floating structure.

Tetsu Teahouse

View The Tetsu Teahouse (Chashitsu Tetsu) in Japan

Designed by architect Terunobu Fujimori, this tiny tree house looks like something out of a childhood fairy tale. The eccentric, tiny abode can be found in Hokuto City, Japan, surrounded by flowering and whimsical cherry blossoms if you visit at the right time of the year. Known for his suspended tea houses and unusual building material, Fujimori is a pioneer in modernist architecture. Built around the trunk of a tree, this tiny home is one with nature.

Shipping Container Guest House

Look around this Shipping Container Guest House

From Poteet Architects, this shipping container guesthouse is the ultimate in tiny living and space-saving (as well as resource re-using) brilliance. It may be a guesthouse, but we’re sure a dedicated tiny-houser would be happy to make a home of it. Featuring a porch, floor to ceiling windows, and even a rooftop garden, this green dwelling is a marvel of small architecture. The interior features a prominent living space, a tiny but capable bathroom, bamboo flooring, and serves as a place to stay for visiting artists.

Minimalist Tiny Home

Tour the MINIMOD

This sustainably designed mini-home is the wave of the future in modern minimalist living. Eliminating all but the most essential elements, the MINIMOD features a sleeping area, dining, area, living area, and bathroom, all while being 100% prefabricated, so its parts can be broken down, picked up, and moved elsewhere with little headache. The design of the MINIMOD is customizable but will meet all basic living needs while managing to maximize on space and pack a design-filled punch.

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We hope you’re sufficiently inspired to begin your own space-saving journey, whether through creative organization or with custom storage and organization from More Space Place of Myrtle Beach and Surfside Beach! We are your family-owned experts for custom closets, Murphy beds, and more. Trusted for more than 15 years.

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