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7 Quick and Easy Tasks for an Organized Office

7 Quick and Easy Tasks for an Organized Office

Messy paper in file cabinet

Organizing can be a pain and a major chore. Spend less time organizing by doing these speedy tasks from More Space Place in Myrtle Beach.

Sort the Mail

A pile of mail can be dealt with in a few minutes. Send things to the recycling graveyard or sort out bills and personal correspondence. Removing a pile of mail can greatly increase how much space you have available on your worktop. Try incorporating a filing cabinet or system into your office furniture to make this type of task easy and fast.

Do a Little Dusting

Banish dust bunnies in ten minutes or less. A little dusting can help your work area feel cleaner and can give the appearance of a neater area. You may even find buried paperwork or rogue supplies as you clean.

Conceal Cords

You may not be able to change the layout of your office into a more functional space, but you can tackle your cords in a few minutes. Concealing cords can be fast when you tie cords together or tuck them behind bulky items. Although this is only a temporary solution, it can help an office feel neater in no time. Pursue a permanent solution by calling More Space Place to design an office that looks clean and actually helps you stay organized!

Straighten Out The Bookcase

Books and magazines can get disheveled over time. Straighten books out and get them back in order. Since bookshelves can be a focal point in an office, taking a few minutes to straighten things out will help lift the whole room.

It’s Shredding Time

Piles of paperwork are one of the major sources of clutter in an office. Reclaim your desk or floor by taking a few moments to shred documents. For big stacks of paperwork, schedule a company to come shred your items or put a meeting on your calendar to take care of it.

A Little Labeling Never Hurt

Labeling tins, file folders, and cords can keep things organized and in neat. It makes it easy to find items and keeps work areas uncluttered.

All Systems Go: Check Printer and Supply Levels

Having to change a printer cartridge is never fun when you’re already rushing to an important meeting. Check if you’re running low and make sure extra toners are in a logical spot. Taking a few minutes to check your supplies and rearrange items if needed, can keep you organized.

Start making your office into an organized space. Get help from More Space Place. We are proud to be your go-to local choice in Myrtle Beach.

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