Our Staff

Paul Gamsby

“Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur” 

When Paul had a vision, he always found a way to see it to fruition. That is exactly what happened in 2005, after he was shown a More Space Place brochure by a friend who had just opened a franchise in Hilton Head, SC. Along with his wife, Patty, he purchased 2 More Space Place franchises and More Space Place in the Myrtle Beach area was born. Joined by their son and daughter in law, Sean and Marianne, the family business began and continues today, in his honor.

Patty Gamsby has “somewhat retired” from the daily operation of the family business they started in 2005. She now resides in Florida close to her son Brian and his wife Laura and their son Chase. She enjoys spending time in Florida with them but also travelling all over to see extended family and friends.

Sean and Marianne are stepping into new roles in the business that they have been part of since day one. Sean grew up in Binghamton, NY and served in the Navy on the USS The Sullivan’s from 1995 to 2000. After his time in the Navy, he started working in the cabinetry field in Charleston, SC. In 2003 he moved to
Columbia, SC to work at a top engineering & woodworking firm. He worked on a CNC routing machine where he honed his skills and developed an acute attention to the smallest of details for many multimillion-dollar projects. Sean brings the same skill and attention to More Space Place as the Sales and Installation Manager.

Marianne is from Colorado Springs CO and has been working in the woodworking industry for over 25 years. Starting in college she held an internship where she developed a passion for woodworking and design. After graduating with an Architectural Engineering degree Marianne moved to Columbia, SC in 2003 where she met Sean. Shortly after, in 2005 they moved to North Myrtle Beach with Paul and Patty to start More Space Place. For the past 18 years Sean and Marianne have been able to find the right balance of work and family. “I feel lucky to have a job that I am passionate about while being able to work with those I
love.” says Marianne.