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Quick Spring Cleaning Guide

Woman holding bucket of cleaning items

Spring has arrived! If you’re reading spring cleaning guides and feeling guilty, our quick guide can help you get your home in order without taking all month long. See top tips from our Myrtle Beach team at More Space Place below to see how to get a clean home in a jiffy. Purging A great…

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Tips to Store Delicate Clothes and Accessories

If you like to treat yourself to natural materials and fibers like silk, leather, cashmere, and cotton, you know that storage can be problematic for these delicate items. Soft leathers can be prone to scratching and thin silk can disintegrate if it gets caught on something. For jewelry, you need something secure that won’t tarnish…

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Spring Closet Declutter Tips

big pile of clothes to declutter closet

Spring is finally here and that means that it’s time to start thinking about your home improvement projects. Put decluttering your closet at the top of your list to get more usable space and a wardrobe that you love. Need more reasons to purge your wardrobe? We’ve written about the benefits here. Set the Mood…

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Custom Entertainment Center for Families

custom media center cabinets Myrtle Beach

The living room is often a hub for families, and that’s no exception in the Myrtle Beach area. If you’re having trouble keeping board games, kid toys, arts and crafts, gaming consoles, and photo albums organized, consider creating a do-it-all entertainment center. Read on for tips from our design team at More Space Place. TV…

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How to Make Telecommuting a Success

U-shaped custom office furniture Myrtle Beach

As employers continue to see the benefits of telecommuting, more and more companies are starting to embrace the trend. In the Myrtle Beach area, we are seeing more freedoms when it comes to work environments. If you’re considering a change and want to embrace the telecommuting trend, here’s how you can make it a success. Dedicated…

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4 New Year Home Resolutions to Try

Close up of hands making a bed

Hit the reset button in your home by getting organized, and finally create a home that you love spending time in. Try these new year resolutions in your Myrtle Beach home. Declutter We tend to accumulate items without even knowing it. The new year is a perfect time to clear out items you no longer…

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Modern Custom Closet Design

A few weeks ago, we talked all about traditional custom closet design. We know that isn’t everyone’s design preference, so today we’d like to go over modern custom closet design. Many of our clients like a modern design because it is sleek and focused on functionality. It usually ideal for newly-built modern homes or condos, but…

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Shared Home Office Spaces

Common spaces are great for coming together with your loved ones. But when it comes to a shared office, it can be a challenge! At More Space Place Myrtle Beach, our designers are experts at making unique configurations that maximize space and allow people to share an office. Get inspired by some of these clever…

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Hiding Cords in Your Home Office

White chocolate Myrtle Beach home office storage

It's no secret that electronic devices are becoming more entwined in our daily lives. Electronic devices can help us to accomplish more tasks but can create visual clutter from cords. Home office built-ins are a great way to tackle this problem and create space for everything from paperwork to a printer. Find strategies to tackle…

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Custom Closet Design: Traditional Style

Traditional custom closet design island Myrtle Beach, SC

We have worked on hundreds of closet projects since we started serving the Myrtle Beach area in 2006. And traditional décor styles are just one of the many that we cater to at More Space Place. See how you can incorporate traditional decor into your custom closet by reading on. Key Characteristics of Traditional Design Before we…

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