Custom Cabinetry Project in Myrtle Beach

Custom wall storage cabinets Myrtle Beach

Custom wall storage cabinets Myrtle BeachSpace can often go unused and go to waste when not utilized properly. However, it may be difficult to know what can be done, especially if it doesn’t fit into a typical project area or room. In order to help our customers in this project, we created a wall of custom cabinets in the master bedroom. Check out the details to see if this is similar to what you’re looking to accomplish in your own Myrtle Beach, SC home! 

A Wall of Storage for Multiple Uses

This project was completed in a master bedroom and has a variety of uses.

First, the unit acts as a television stand. The TV sits on a small shelf that holds books and the cable box underneath. Under the stand are two open shelves that currently hold decorations. A set of drawers are below this and hold electronic manuals and items. The unit is perfectly sized for the TV and also help to conceal unsightly cords. Two large cabinets flank the TV unit in the middle. We incorporated additional hanging areas into the space, which act as overflow storage from their main closet. A long hanging area in the cabinet closest to the window keeps long flowy dresses. In the cabinet, we also installed a hanging rod is installed and additional shelves. A clear shelf divider keeps accessories separated and the cabinet is used to store sewing tools, travel bags, and other accessories.

Finally, the wall of storage is capped off with a rounded bookcase. Our clients chose this to show off their collection of lighthouse figurines and it can also be used for additional storage.

Design Details

Simple white cabinets were used with raised panel detailing on the doors and drawers. The raised paneling gives a traditional yet sophisticated look. Toe kicks and simple molding on the top of the cabinets give an extra finishing touch that makes these units stand out. Extra attention was made when picking out the hardware. Silver pulls and handles are all uniform to give extra sparkle without being over the top.

An electrical outlet (seen on the bottom shelf with the tallest lighthouse sculpture), really shows our attention to detail and ensures that this custom unit maximizes functionality. We are so proud of our entire team who designed and installed these cabinets. 

A matching bedroom cabinet holds linens and ties in perfectly with these storage cabinets. You can see more from storage projects from this home.

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