Custom Closet Design: Coordinating Colors

Myrtle Beach custom closet in white latte color finish

Coordinating the colors for your custom closet is an important design choice. Working with an expert, like those at More Space Place, can help you create a custom closet that you love. We serve the greater Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand areas. Here’s what to consider when it comes to coordinating colors.

If You Have White Walls

Myrtle Beach custom closet in white latte color finish

White walls give you a lot of opportunities to play with color, textures, and design options! Because white is a neutral color you can choose nearly any closet color. White walls with a white closet system can help your space feel light and airy. A textured wood finish can give you an organic look without making your space feel cramped. Our darker colors can give a moody, elegant look. Bright colors like our glossy greens or reds can give a unique vibrant look. Choose two colors for a unique look. We particularly like darker cabinets along the bottom with a mix of upper shelves in a lighter color.

If You Have Dark Floors

For those with a dark floor, white is a popular option and can help offset the look of your dark floors. Contrary to some beliefs, using dark colors can actually help your room feel larger. If you already have a dark wall color and dark floors, continuing to use similar colors and tones can help you make your space look larger. This is because your eyes won’t be distracted by different colors.

If you’re looking for a contrasting look, we like the look of a textured wood option. This can avoid the harsh look when contrasting against exact opposites like white and black.

If You Want An Accent Wall

Accent walls using paint or wallpaper can add some vitality and fun to a room. When working with accent walls we like to keep the surrounding objects and closet system simple. You’ll want to choose a color that works with all of the colors in your space including your floors. White is one of our most popular colors but we can create a unit to suit your tastes.

It’s also important to choose a cabinet style and finish that will work with your lifestyle. Learn more in our custom closet design series by checking out this article. Contact More Space Place to start on your Myrtle Beach custom closet project!