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Custom Closet Design: Understanding and Choosing Finishes and Colors

Custom Closet Design: Understanding and Choosing Finishes and Colors

Custom closets help us keep our clothes organized and increase our home’s value. But navigating the world of custom closet design can be tricky. In this edition, we’re here to help you make sense of all of the finishes and colors available to you. 

Modern Reach-in closet Myrtle Beach

What’s in a Finish?

A cabinet finish is what is applied to cabinet doors and drawer fronts that give a closet a fully completed look. Finishes can be applied in different ways and can even come in different textures. In essence, it’s what gives your closet your desired look.

Laminates versus Thermofoil Finishes

At More Space Place in Myrtle Beach, we offer different materials and finishes. Our two most popular options are laminates and thermofoil.

Laminate finishes often have a thin layer of laminate applied to the outside of the cabinet or door, whereas thermofoiled doors are fully wrapped with the finish to give a uniform look. In general, although this can vary for each product and color, laminate finishes tend to be cheaper. Both are great alternatives to solid wood doors as a luxurious look and feel can be accomplished at a much cheaper cost. Depending on your budget, it may make sense to choose one over the other. Keep in mind that the finish only applies to the outside of your units, not the shelves inside. We also offer solid wood doors that are finished or stained to match your tastes.

Sample of custom closet doors finishes

Textured and Hi-Gloss Finishes

We have one of the largest selection of finishes for you to choose from. Our textured laminates give added dimension to a custom closet and can make it more visually appealing. Hi-gloss finishes contrast this by being extra glossy. Some of our customers will combine textures for a unique look. One of our favorite ways to use a high-gloss finish is to use it on a select section of cabinets. This really gives a high impact look to any closet.

Hi-gloss finishes tend to suit more contemporary design styles and natural wood grains are generally more traditional.

Keep in mind that high-gloss finishes tend to be more prone to fingerprints. However, all of our finishes are very easy to clean and maintain.

Designer choosing a color from color wheel

Choosing a Color

Choosing a color can be tricky once you decide on a finish. This will largely depend on your style. Brighter colors are usually best if a closet is fully enclosed without any windows as it can help the space from feeling too cramped. As a general rule of thumb, darker colors tend to make rooms feel smaller. Don’t forget that pulls, knobs, and handles will look different with different colors and finishes. 

Contact a designer to help you navigate our selection of closet and cabinet finishes. We’ll even come out to you to show you what your closet could look like. We proudly serve the Myrtle Beach area.

Photo credit:© Rotislav Sedlacek.

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