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Custom Closet Design: Hardware & Accessories

Custom Closet Design: Hardware & Accessories

Custom modern walk-in closet
It’s another edition of our custom closet design series where we talk all things custom closet design! Today, we’re focusing on hardware and accessories. Even though these items are often left off until the end of a closet remodel, they should be chosen with care for a complete package. Many closet accessories can even help you make the most of your space!

Let’s start with your hardware options. 

Hardware: Styles, Colors, Finishes

Custom closet shelf with modern hardwareCloset rods, drawer pulls, and knobs should be included in this category. The combination of styles, colors, and finishes that hardware can come in is nearly endless, just like cabinets.

Pulls, knobs, and closet rods come in different shapes and styles. If you want something more modern we generally recommend simple shapes and lines without a lot of fuss. This gives a clean and contemporary look. If you want something with more details, opt for pulls and knobs with more texture and more complex shapes. This type of shape tends to work in more traditional homes.

When it comes to closet rods, you can choose a standard round bar or go for an oval shape. In general, the oval shaped rods tend to be slightly stronger. 

Colors & Finishes

We offer hardware in a wide range of colors and finishes. From shiny aluminum to a brushed brass, we have every tone and texture that you can think of for a truly personalized closet. When the details matter to you, finishes and hardware shouldn’t be overlooked. Our designers will be there every step of the way to help make suggestions so you love your new closet system.

Closet Accessories

Valet rod in closet system myrtle beach Closet accessories are additional storage mechanisms designed to increase functionality. In essence, they help you maximize new drawers, cabinets, and shelving units. Our most popular accessories include valet rods, belt and scarf racks, and shoe fences. We also offer unique accessories like a wardrobe lift, jewelry drawers, hideaway ironing boards, and hampers.

Valet rods help you plan outfits ahead of time. These rods are installed along the wall of a cabinet or shelf and a small metal rod pulls out to hang clothes from. Planning outfits at night will make getting ready in the morning easier. 

Belts, ties, and scarves are easily stored using our pullout racks. These slot inside your closet and stay out of the way when you don’t need them. It’s a good way to keep these items organized within easy reach.

Jewelry drawers keep jewelry untangled. Our velvet-lined drawers protect investment pieces and can make getting ready in the morning more streamlined.Myrtle Beach custom closet wardrobe lift

Wardrobe lifts are useful for clients with tall ceilings or mobility concerns. It allows you to fully utilize vertical space. Simply pull down on the handle to lower items so you can access them. When you’re done, just stow clothes back up.

Hidden ironing boards and hampers make laundry time easier. By incorporating it into your closet it makes it easier to separate your dirty clothes. No more clothes on the ground or a basket taking up a lot of space!Hidden hamper in custom closet Myrtle Beach

Get Started

You can view some of our custom closet accessories by visiting our gallery.

Want to know more about custom closet design? Check out these articles and give us a call when you’re ready to remodel your Myrtle Beach closets. We are proud to be your trusted local home storage organization experts.

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