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Design the Perfect Guest Bedroom with a Custom Murphy Bed

Design the Perfect Guest Bedroom with a Custom Murphy Bed

Having a guest in your home, especially over a long period of time, can be fun but stressful. Between worrying if they’re comfortable and trying to keep the house clean, having an extra person (or multiple people) can make your house feel crowded and smaller. To ensure that you are able to relax and have fun during your guest’s visit, More Space Place Myrtle Beach can help you create storage space and a cute guest bedroom with the help of a custom-made Murphy Bed.

Murphy Bed Guest Bedroom Myrtle Beach

Simple Décor

Murphy beds are perfect for guest rooms because they come in different styles that can based on the décor of the room. They create space due to being built into the room wall, while also coming in classic designs and materials. The versatility they provide means that a Murphy bed will look good in any size and style of room.

Installed Cabinets

Having your Murphy bed include built in cabinets and drawers around it means that guests will not be living out of their suitcase. They can unpack their clothing and items, which they will appreciate as it means they don’t have to deal with wrinkled clothing. This also prevents the guest room from getting messy or feeling cramped.

Murphy Bed Guest Bedroom Myrtle Beach

Inclusive Desk

Including an installed desk as part of the Murphy bed means that it will take up very little space and maximize the size of the guest room. Guests will appreciate this for a multitude of reasons. It can be used as a temporary work space, a surface to place additional items on, or a place where they can sit and relax after a day out.

Your Next Step

Creating a guest room that is comfortable and well-designed is easy with a Murphy bed and the additional features that can come with it. More Space Place Myrtle Beach is sure to provide a bed design that caters to the style you are interested in. Visit a showroom near you today or book a free, in-home consultation with our expert team. We are proud to serve Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas.

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