Functional Closet Necessities

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At More Space Place, we’re experts at creating closets that are both functional and well-designed! Below, we’ve compiled some of the most necessary components of a functional closet. From organization tricks to convenient closet accessories, our experts can help you make the most of your closet.

Use The Correct Storage System

A beginner’s error in closet storage is using the wrong kind of storage for different items. Not only does this lead to wrinkled and misplaced clothes, but it also takes up unnecessary space. Items best for hanging include delicate items made from silk or satin, starched items like dress shirts, and fancy clothing such as dresses. Stretchy items should be folded to avoid having them stretch out, as well as knit items, like sweaters.

Folded vs. hung isn’t where this ends, though! Your accessories, shoes, jewelry, ties, belts, bags, and more also require the right kind of storage. This leads us to our next point!

Invest In Custom Closet Accessories

At More Space Place, we have a variety of different custom closet accessories for your entire wardrobe. Shoe racks, cubbies, custom hangers for belts or ties, jewelry drawers, and more – we have it all. Providing your closet with the proper storage might involve installing custom closet accessories, and we can help! Get in touch with our team today to learn more.

Organize By Season

Organizing your wardrobe by season is a smart way to cut down on clutter and streamline your closet. Why should bulky coats be in the way during summer? Why should your swimwear and beach shorts be around in winter? Categorize your closet by the season, and you’ll cut down on the time it takes to find what you’re looking for.

Clear Out Your Closet

Does your closet always feel too cramped, but you feel like you have nothing to wear? This is a clear sign that you need to clear out your closet. Remove bulky items, seasonal items, and the stuff you just don’t wear. Make room for items you frequently use and often find yourself searching for. 

Upgrade Your Closet With More Space Place!

More Space Place of Myrtle Beach can help you design the closet of your dreams, with both style and functionality. Get in touch with our team today and we’ll work with you to design, build, and install the perfect storage solution for your home.