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Getting Mudroom Storage Right

Getting Mudroom Storage Right

Traditional mudroom storage in Myrtle Beach

Mudrooms, also known as utility rooms, help us do a lot in our homes! From a space for laundry time, to an entryway, or even a place for pets, this room can wear many hats. Because of these multiple requirements, it can be tricky to get the storage just right. Learn how you to achieve your storage needs with the tips below!

Personal Space

A mudroom should help everyone in your family, not just one person. Give everyone their own dedicated space with a cabinet or shelf just for them. These cabinets are perfect for holding coats, bags, and even sporting equipment! Use labels on baskets or bins to designate storage areas for every member of your family.

Out and Away

Keep your mudroom functional and make sure your storage units stay out of your way. Storage should help you make the most of your space when you need to use it. This means choosing furniture that fits your space, not the other way around. Our designers can help with this since we take precise measurements and can custom cut every piece before it enters your home. Drawers and shelves that can be pushed and pulled out of the way are also helpful to maintain a streamlined look. Hooks can also help you keep storage out of the way.


For very small mudrooms, multi-functional furniture is so important for maximizing the space you do have. Our units can help with this. For example, we can create a storage bench that gives you shoe storage while offering a place to put on your shoes before heading out the door.


Use cabinet doors and sturdy organizers to keep the visual clutter at bay. Cabinet doors are helpful when you need to conceal your items and give the appearance of a clean space. Cabinets are also perfect for storing cleaning supplies.

Pets are Family, Too

Many mudrooms feature specific pet solutions. From cabinets and shelves built around a pet’s crate, to a shower area specifically for bath time, there are many design options to help incorporate your pets!

We’ve helped create shelving for pet supplies like treats and food and can do the same in your home. We can even create cabinets and shelving that surrounds a dog bed so Fido can have a little cave to call their own.

Start making the most of your mudroom with storage designed for your life. Learn how by stopping by our Myrtle Beach showrooms or giving us a call!

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