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Guest Room Closet Organizing Tips and Ideas

Guest Room Closet Organizing Tips and Ideas

A few ways to make guests more comfortable starting in your closet

The holidays are here! To make sure you and your home are ready, our Myrtle Beach, SC experts put together a few tips when it comes to organizing your closets for guests. Keeping a few things in mind can help your guests feel at ease and more at home. 

Laundry Basket

closet system accessory pullout hamper Myrtle BeachIf guests are staying for an extended period of time (think 7 days or more), consider having a small hamper for them to put dirty clothes. In a guest room closet system, a large basket or pull out hamper can keep clothes separate, without making a room look messy.

Shelf and Drawer Heights

Make it easy to store luggage in your closet by keeping shelf and drawer heights in mind. Work with a designer to plan out your closet system. This will help you develop a storage solution that can store all of your items and also keep guests in mind. After all, you’ll probably be using the space more than them!


Give the best for your guests by tending to the hangers in all of your closets – not just in the guest room, but the entryway too. A few sturdy hangers (ie, not the kind of metal hangers you get from the dry cleaner) will help make guests a little bit more comfortable. Leaving a few nice open hangers will be perfect for their coats, sweaters, or button-ups. 

Clear Off a Shelf

custom closet with slideout shelves Myrtle Beach projectIn many cases, guests won’t need to use the entire guest closet. Clear off a couple of shelves depending on how many people are staying with you. They can use that space for clothes, toiletries, keys, devices, wallets, or their purse. A dedicated shelf will help corral items in one place.

Bonus: Clean off a shelf or cubby in your bathroom. This is a nice touch especially if you will share a bathroom in your vacation home or condo.

Make Room for Life®

Help make your guests’ stay as comfortable as possible. Get your closet organized with these quick tips. To get started on your closet project, give More Space Place a call. We are your local Myrtle Beach closet experts!

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