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How to Accomplish Your Organizational Goals for the New Year

How to Accomplish Your Organizational Goals for the New Year

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We’ve all given up on a New Year’s Resolution or two. When it comes to organizing your home, these goals can seem especially daunting. We’ve created a guide for how to make your organization-oriented resolutions totally do-able, so you can feel accomplished and excited about your home!

Take it One Room at a Time

When dreaming about a newly organized home, it can be easy to make our goals a little too large for ourselves. Make your resolutions much more manageable by tackling one area of the house at a time. For example, a specifically targeted resolution like “organize my bedroom closet with shelving” will be much more successful in reality than something much more general such as “organize the house”. The key here is not to overwhelm yourself so much that you don’t even start—or give up halfway through.

Declutter First, Organize Second

The first step in any organizing project should be to get rid of the things you aren’t using. If, for example, you’re tackling the kitchen pantry, you should throw away expired foods before you re-arrange the shelving. This way you know exactly what you’re dealing with. You may actually have a smaller project on your hands than you think.

Don’t Overcomplicate It

When it comes to keeping resolutions, the simpler the better. Don’t get bogged down in minute details like crafting color-coded labels for every box in the garage before you’ve even sorted what goes in which container. Start small, and make real steps toward your goals—the details can come later. Otherwise you might end up tiring yourself out before you’ve done the real work. 

Reward Yourself As You Go Along

Your goal might take longer thank you expect, and that’s okay! Remember that you are doing something that is going to improve your life for years to come. A slow process is still a rewarding one. Make sure to give yourself lots of encouragement, ask for help when you need it, and celebrate the small victories as they happen!

Get Started Today!

If you need help keeping your New Year’s Resolutions for a more organized home, turn to More Space Place. Our local team of experts understands your unique needs and knows exactly how to help. Contact us today or visit a showroom near you to learn more, and start the year off right—with an organized house! 

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