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How to Build A Home Office Haven

How to Build A Home Office Haven

Custom home office in Myrtle Beach, SC. The New Year often means making goals and resolutions whether it’s centered on your health or your work life. Getting organized can help with both of those. Start in your home office by creating a home office haven. Here’s how from the Myrtle Beach, SC team at More Space Place.

Figure Out the Paper Trail

With tax season upon us, it’s a fitting time to figure out the paperwork. Determine if it’s necessary to continue receiving paper statements. If you make one change this year, make it to go digital. You’ll be helping the environment and cutting down on the clutter in your home office, too.

For the paperwork you do need to keep, make sure you have a system in place when filing and sorting them. This way you’ll be able to contain the clutter. Letter sorters or even custom home office furniture could be the solution to your paper problems.

Calling All Cords

Figure out your cord situation for a more efficient home office. Another benefit to keeping your cords under wraps is that it keeps the visual clutter to a minimum. By keeping it streamlined, you won’t have to waste time fiddling with chargers, cables, or other cords. Use easy DIY solutions or more permanent fixtures to corral them. Be sure to create a cord containment plan when you’re designing your built-in office cabinets. 

See tips to control cord clutter

Make It Personal

In addition to having personal storage solutions, make sure your home office has personal touches so that it fosters peace and productivity. Start with your walls. For the ultimate storage space, incorporate a wall bed. A wall bed allows your home office to double as a peaceful guest room! Add personal items sparingly such as with photos and wall décor. Creating your own corkboard to keep reminders and notes is a great way to make the most of your space and help keep clutter off of your workspace.

Let it Shine

Lighting will be key to create a productive atmosphere. Make sure you have ample light to complete tasks. For added task lighting and an upgrade, try under-cabinet lighting. Glass pendants, elegant standing lamps, or vintage wall sconces can help add a more decorative and personal touch.

Build your home office haven with the More Space Place Myrtle Beach team! Give us a call or come visit one of our showrooms to see how a custom home office can help you feel more at peace.

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