How to Sort, Arrange, and Find Every Item in Your Closet

luxurious and organized wood custom closet

Closet Organization Made Easy

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Custom closet solutions should help you get and stay organized. Learn different methods when sorting, arranging, and organizing your wardrobe from your local Myrtle Beach experts at More Space Place.

Sorting Clothes and Accessories

When it comes to decluttering, there are three go-to piles: Keep, Donate, and Toss. We’ve written plenty of closet decluttering articles in the past to help you sort through the decluttering process.

Take it one step further and sort your keep pile. Put items that need some TLC in a separate sub-pile. This includes mending, patching, and dry cleaning. Properly caring for your clothes will help you prolong their life.

Learn how to declutter your closet.

Arranging & Organizing

Arranging and organizing the items in your closet is a great time to get creative and make everyday routines easier. Here are some popular options.

By category and size

It usually doesn’t make sense to put a big tote bag with a pair of dainty studs. It’s common to organize based on category and size. Bags and shoes will do well in cabinets, shelves, and cubbies. For jewelry, use a jewelry stand or velvet-lined drawer divider. Lined drawer dividers protect the jewelry from tarnishing and make everything easy to find.

When it comes to clothing, many people will group items by category. Common clothing categories include dresses, suits, jackets, blouses, and pants.

By Use and Function

Some clothes are only used for formal events, certain sports, the weekend, or work (like scrubs). Grouping items by function can make it easier to get ready for any type of occasion. You can also use this method once you’ve arranged your clothes based on broad categories.

luxurious and organized wood custom closet

By Color

For a fun look, you can arrange clothes, bags, and shoes by color. Some may base it off the color of the rainbow and put white and cream clothes on the opposite end of black clothes. Others choose to group all of their netural colored items together depending on preference. There’s no wrong or right way! You can use this organization method in conjunction with a different strategy like the ones above.

Having Trouble?

If you’re having trouble getting organized and finding space for your wardrobe, contact the custom closet design team at More Space Place in Myrtle Beach! We’ve given more than 3,000 rooms a makeover in the Grand Strand area. Call to set up a free in-home design estimate. Serving the Myrtle Beach area from Pelican Bay to Murrels Inlet.

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