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How to Start Organizing

How to Start Organizing

Organized pile of clothes

Getting organized can feel daunting, which is why we often put it off. And then we come up with another excuse, and another, and a year later we wonder why we have so much stuff! Stop clutter and start organizing today with the premier Myrtle Beach closet and home organizers at More Space Place!


De-cluttering should be at the top of your to-do list. Once you hop on the de-cluttering bandwagon, it can often be the momentum you need in order to get started with the rest of your organizing activities. Starting with de-cluttering also helps to reduce the time you will spend organizing.

Set a Schedule

If you always make the excuse that you have no time to organize, one way to help you get started would be to set a schedule. Clear a weekend, or even just 20 minutes to organize. Be sure to write it down on your planner or calendar and make a note of which area you want to focus on. If you’re using the calendar on your phone, be sure to use those reminders so you don’t accidentally “forget” about your upcoming plans!

Find an Accountability Partner

Sometimes we all need a little push in the right direction. Find someone to help you get into gear. Tell them what you want to accomplish and when, and use them to help you stay accountable. This person can be your spouse, sibling, or even a best friend. Just be sure that this person won’t enable your procrastinating habits. They should also help you stick to your deadlines.

Just Start

Stop making excuses for reasons why you can’t organize and de-clutter and just start! Start out small by picking a small area to cover like the junk drawer or even just one of the drawers in your wardrobe. By the time you undertake one organizing project you will be on your way to the rest of your home. Should you need to take a break, don’t fret. Just remember to use one of the tips above so you can start refreshed.

An organized home can be achieved as long as you are willing to start the process. Get organized in your bedrooms, closet, and office with a free design consultation from the home storage experts in Myrtle Beach! Our two convenient showrooms in the area are filled with organizing solutions to give you some great inspiration.

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