Luxurious Custom Closet Design

walk-in closet system Myrtle Beach

Start your day off with some pampering. Make mornings and routines enjoyable and relaxing. Create a luxurious custom closet with designs from the experts at More Space Place Myrtle Beach.

walk-in closet system Myrtle Beach

Plan for Space

A luxurious closet doesn’t have to be as big as an airplane hanger, but no matter the square footage of your closet you want to have a plan. You need to decide if you want to convert an existing bedroom into a walk-in dressing room or if you just need to find better ways to maximize your existing space. When it comes to measuring, don’t sweat it! Our team of experts will professionally measure your space before presenting you a 3D rendering with ideas to consider.

Choose The Right Finishes & Colors

Your closet should look and feel special. Look for a closet company that uses durable materials that feel solid and look great. We are proud that many of our clients in the last decade are repeat or referral clients!

In terms of colors and finishes, a simple white closet could already be an upgrade. If you’d like to invest more, we offer additional finish and color options to help you transform your closet.  Our textured wood finishes and solid wood options are particular go-tos for those looking for premium options.

Cabinet Style Matters

The cabinet style that you choose can drastically change the look and vibe of your space. Picking up something from a typical big-box store can make your closet look average. Working with a local Myrtle Beach closet builder like More Space Place helps ensure the best quality with local attention. Our shaker cabinet styles are perfect for transitional design styles while our raised paneling can include different features for a more traditional look.

Add Accessories or an Island

Storage accessories are a great way to increase the luxuriousness of your closet while helping you get organized. Additional features like valet rods, pants holders, and lined drawers make it easy to find items and elevate any closet project.

pullout pants rack storage in closet Myrtle Beach

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Set a Mood

Create ambiance in your closet for a relaxing space. Consider your lighting. Lighting built within your cabinets can help set your closet apart and highlight certain items and areas.

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Call or visit one of our locations for a free in-home estimate! Our Myrtle Beach closet experts are ready to help.

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