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Luxury Closet Accessory Ideas

Luxury Closet Accessory Ideas

Myrtle Beach modern custom closet dark wood
Creating a luxurious custom closet is a fun and exciting project for many homeowners, but if you’re not in the closet business, it might be hard to know where to start. With so many ideas and so much inspiration out there, from Pinterest to home magazines, you’ll want to make sure that you’re building the closet that will meet your needs, without getting overwhelmed by the amount of information out there. Here at More Space Place of Myrtle Beach, we want to help you build your luxurious dream closet while making the experience as simple and straightforward as possible. That’s why we put together these awesome ideas for your new custom closet!

Closet Islands

Closet islands are a great way to add additional storage space and surface area to your custom closet. Providing the perfect storage location for everything from shoes, to ties, to handbags, closet islands are also useful for providing tabletop storage space. You can use the top of your closet island as a vanity, with mirrors and proper lighting, or as a showcase to display things like jewelry in decorative displays.

Closet Chandeliers

Walk-in closets require good lighting in order to see all of the clothing choices available to you. While there are plenty of lighting options out there, from track lighting to recessed lights, the best lighting option for a truly luxurious custom closet would certainly be a chandelier. You don’t need to go over the top, with a chandelier that would fit into a ballroom, but a simple, decorative centerpiece is sure to add a touch of drama and luxury to your custom closet.

Closet Seating Area

Having a sitting spot in your closet is a true hallmark of luxury closets. You don’t need an entire living room space, but a simple chair or padded bench makes for a great place to unwind at the end of the day while you’re taking off your shoes and changing out of your work clothes. You can even make a nice reading spot out of your closet, away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house.

For more custom closet and storage ideas, contact your local Myrtle Beach More Space Place store today!

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