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Organizing Your Closet For Fall

Organizing Your Closet For Fall

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With fall comes cooler temperatures and changing weather. Get into the spirit of the season and prepare for fall with our closet organization tips and tricks! We’re happy to share our storage and closet expertise.

Sort & Store Warm-Weather Clothes

Sad to say, it might be months before you can use your swimsuit or summer shorts again. Instead of longingly looking at your warm-weather clothes, store them and make room for your fall and winter wardrobe. Some of our favorite places to store out-of-season clothes are plastic bins underneath the bed, or designated out-of-the-way spots at the very top shelves of our closet.

Pull Out Your Fall – And Winter – Clothes

Stay ahead of the seasons by preparing for winter and fall. Give your heavy sweaters center-stage, but keep your winter coats close at hand – you’ll need them soon enough! Plus, they’re good to have on hand for those chillier fall days.

Prepare For Worse Weather

You can soften the impact of changing seasons by being well-prepared. It’s safer to assume that you’ll need a thick coat, rubber boots, and extra layers than to be caught off-guard without them. Make sure you know where these items are location in your home, and it’ll make those days a lot easier to work through. 

Refresh Your Wardrobe. 

Changing seasons can be the perfect time to update your wardrobe. Before launching into a shopping spree, it’s smart to take stock and sort through what you already own. When pulling seasonal clothes from storage, you might discover things you don’t remember owning and can’t see yourself wearing. Or, you might find that you already own the perfect pair of boots – saving yourself from buying another.

Create a Custom Closet to Meet Your Needs

From season to season, a custom closet could solve all your storage and organization needs. With a variety of storage options and closet accessories, the experts at More Space Place could help you create the custom closet of your dreams. To get started, give us a call or contact us online! We’ll work with you to create the perfect storage solution for your life.

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