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Our Top 3 Pantry Organization Tips

Our Top 3 Pantry Organization Tips

A disorganized kitchen pantry can become increasingly cluttered and filled with expired food products, especially if you have a large family using one pantry. However, pantry organization can be effortless with the implementation of these three tips. Whether you are an avid cook or just want to finally have an organized pantry for those days when you feel like there’s no food in the house, our designers at More Space Place Myrtle Beach are ready to design a pantry that meets your unique storage needs. 

Pantry Organization Myrtle Beach

Dark Pantry Finishes

For pantry shelves and cabinets that contain messy food products, consider implementing shelving in darker colors to hide signs of dirt or spilt food. Have a white kitchen pantry? Easily place clear pantry inserts as a base for food and just remove the inserts and clean in your dishwasher when your pantry starts feeling dirty.

Implement Pull out Baskets

More Space Place offers pull out baskets in different finishes for your organization needs. We offer brass and oil-rubbed bronze baskets, which are perfect for rustic kitchens. For those wanting a style that is more minimalist or modern, we also have chrome baskets as an option. No matter the style, these baskets are perfect for easy organization of your items. Keep older food at the front of the baskets to further encourage the usage of your products before they expire. 

Categorize Cabinets by Item Type

Categorizing your pantry based on item and meal type helps bring organization to your pantry. As an example, having a cabinet dedicated to breakfast can help you efficiently prepare a meal in the morning. To accomplish this easily, purchase clear containers for cereals and oatmeal to keep both items fresh. Have a smaller container for spices and syrups commonly used in breakfast, such cinnamon, nutmeg, and maple syrup. Once you prepare similar cabinets related to lunch and dinner meals, you can take your pantry organization to the next step by using shelving dividers.  

Labeled Containers Pantry Organization Myrtle Beach

Meet with Design Experts Today

Design a pantry that makes your meal preparation easier with help from our experts at More Space Place Myrtle Beach. Visit a local showroom near you or book a free, in-home consultation today. Our team is excited to design pantry systems that match your organizational needs and the style of your kitchen. 

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