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Paring Down and Preparing for a Move

Paring Down and Preparing for a Move

Moving boxes

Summer is prime moving season. If you’re moving this summer, the organizing experts at More Space Place in Myrtle Beach are here to help. Keep your sanity with these tips and tricks.

Pare Down Before You Pack

Why pack more than you need to? Before you pack, go through each room in your home and determine items that you can donate or pass on to a family member or friend. If something is broken and you know you will never really have time to fix it, put it on the list of things to buy after you’ve moved into your new home and don’t bring along the broken item. Paring down now will not only save you time, it will also help you start off clutter-free in your new place.

Packing Tips

Packing smarter will help make a move much easier and efficient for your entire family. Here are just a couple of our tried and true tips.

Label Boxes

If you’re not going to shell out the money to buy a large number of transparent storage boxes, be sure to label your cardboard boxes. Simply labeling where the box should go in your new place can cut down on unpacking time to turn your new house into a home faster. Also consider adding a few words of description on the outside to signal what items should be inside. Having the general contents of each box labeled will help any movers know if items are especially fragile or heavy.

Safety First

This brings us to our next tip. No matter if you’re moving down the block or to a completely new city, you’ll want to protect your items during your move. Securely tape your cardboard boxes and try to distribute the weight of your items. For example, heavy books shouldn’t be all packed up into one large box that will require 5 people to lift it. For delicate dishes and fragile items, newspaper and packing paper helps prevent chips and scratches. Use dishtowels, lone pairs of socks, or other soft items to help keep fragile items separated.

Un-Packing and Staying Organized

Welcome to your new home! Here’s how to stay organized when unpacking. Before unpacking write down a game plan; it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Simply write down a goal of what rooms you want to be “moved into” by certain dates. If possible make sure wardrobes, dressers, and other organizing units are built before unpacking. If items you’ve brought with you don’t fit your space, make a note of the dimensions of the room and keep a centralized list.

Moving can be tiring. Use this as an opportunity to try out the local pizza shop or take-out place. You’ll be a lot happier knowing you won’t have to think about cooking (or the dishes) after a long day of moving.

Organizing after the Move

Being done moving shouldn’t mean that you’re done organizing! Be sure to have a purge schedule in place to keep organized. For home remodeling projects you want to do, utilize a planner or calendar. In addition, lists help prevent duplicate purchases – which means less clutter in your new home.

If you find that your home is lacking in proper storage, don’t hesitate to call in an expert. We hope you’ll consider giving us a call. Our team can help you throughout your home whether completing a closet job, home office, or adding in a wall bed!

Photo by Chad Versace, used under Creative Commons Attributions-ShareAlike License (CC BY-SA 2.0).

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