Pelican Bay Myrtle Beach, SC Closet Gets a Makeover

custom closet pelican bay myrtle beach

More Space Place is proud to take you inside another local project! We love transforming spaces from small reach-ins to full master walk-ins. With high-end design choices and floor-to-ceiling storage, we think you’ll enjoy looking inside this one-of-a-kind closet completed in the Pelican Bay neighborhood in North Myrtle Beach, SC.

Show-Stopping Storage Space

At the core of this closet space is the desire to be able to store all items efficiently and beautifully.

  • Hanging space: There are over fifteen hanging sections for everything from dresses, blouses, suits, skirts, and more. Long and short hanging areas were customized to use the space effectively and even provide overflow storage for all clothing items. Hanging areas were built around corners and tight angles to take advantage of all wall space.
  • Pullout pants racks: For pants and bottoms, pullout pant racks make it easy to see everything at a glace. The hangers are coated with a special material that keeps items hanging up and off the ground.
  • Drawers: Found throughout the space, drawers help keep items out of view. They are perfect for gym clothes, underwear, and jewelry. Spot them in the center island and in the smaller walk-in section.
  • Shelves, shelves, and more shelves: This project doesn’t skimp out on any shelving. We took shelving and hanging areas straight to the super-tall ceilings to create space for handbags and shoes. Once it’s filled up with our client’s favorite items, this closet will look even more magnificent!
custom closet pelican bay myrtle beach

Design Choices

  • Color: Grey and white were the central colors. Our clients loved the neutral tones to let their space and their items shine. To avoid the space feeling too monotone, they chose to build the island in white.
  • Cabinet style: Two different styles were used but they work together well. On the island, you’ll find a simple shaker-profile. On the other drawers, we used a simple flat panel style. Both work well as a modern and contemporary choice.
  • Marble gives a super luxurious look and it is used on the floor and countertops.

Luxurious Details

The small details count, especially in a closet of this caliber. We used:

pelican bay myrtle beach closet handle pull
  • Minimal boring/ holes. The holes still allow for future flexibility, but the minimal boring holes keep the unit streamlined.
  • Sparkly handle pulls add another luxurious touch. The crystals bounce and catch the light in a beautiful way!
  • Toe kicks. For a built-in and finished look, toe kicks were added.

Turn Your Closet into a Stunner

This stunning project was a fun and collaborative experience. Let us help you take your closet to the next level. Contact us or stop by our showroom to learn more. We’re proud to be your local Myrtle Beach closet experts!

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