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The Advantages of Adding a Closet Island

The Advantages of Adding a Closet Island

custom closet with island myrtle beachCustom closets and storage solutions are our business here at More Space Place of Myrtle Beach. One of the best ways to upgrade and improve your custom closet is simply to add a closet island. These added closet design features provide useful storage and getting-ready space.

Advantages of Closet Islands:

  • Closet islands tend to add a touch of drama and luxury to your custom closet. If you’re looking to channel your inner Carey Bradshaw, a closet island will lend some instant Sex and the City closet cred to your home.
  • Closet islands offer extra workspace and can serve as great surface area additions to your closet. If you need space for jewelry trees or vanity mirrors, this is a great way to showcase items like makeup, perfume, or nail polish collections. Arrange jewelry and perfume bottles on a nice tray to give your island and closet a boutique look.
  • Closet islands offer additional storage space, providing ideal locations for shoes, for instance. They can also give you more drawer space that is perfect for holding things like ties, handbags, jewelry, and undergarments and pajamas. 
  • Many closet islands offer areas where benches and chairs can be placed, providing for seating and lounging areas, as well as additional space for getting ready in the morning. This is the perfect place to put on and take off your shoes each day. A little shelf underneath your bench is perfect for storing a couple of extra shoes.

Of course, the overall square footage available in your closet will be a factor in determining whether a closet island will be a feasible addition to your space. They usually work best for larger walk-in closets, but can be nearly any shape or size. Our talented closet designers can talk over all of the options with you and make recommendations to create a wonderful space in your home.

If you think that a closet island might be right for your Myrtle Beach custom closet, come and visit one our local More Space Place locations today or give us a call!

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