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Tips When Decluttering Kids’ Closets

Tips When Decluttering Kids’ Closets

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Decluttering can be a tough and stressful project. Decluttering for your kids can be even more stressful. Don’t stress out. More Space Place is here to help!

Individual Wardrobes

Pay attention to each kids wardrobe independently and get each child’s help. Don’t mix up wardrobes as this can make decluttering more difficult. Be sure to get each child’s help can so they can feel involved and learn how to do it for themselves.

Be Ruthless

Kids grow up fast so if it won’t fit in six months it probably isn’t worth hanging on to.

Don’t horde because of what-ifs. If you are planning on keeping an item for more than two years, it’s probably worth passing on or giving away. There are some exceptions in terms of hand me downs, or if you’re keeping something for a younger sibling. Just keep in mind that fashion changes over time, so holding on to things just in case can just lead to excessive hoarding.

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For Special Items

From your child’s first tooth or their first blanket, it can be easy to hang on to everything. If your child really treasures an item, consider creating a keepsake of it and storing it properly so it can be enjoyed. Otherwise, try to apply the rule above and be ruthless.

Make Decluttering Easy

Have trash bags or bins ready. Having supplies makes it easy to declutter and get stuff out of your home. After dropping off items to your donation center, you can treat yourself to cold treat! 

Helpful Questions

A few helpful questions to ask your kids to declutter your wardrobes include:

  • Do you like it or love it?
  • Does it fit?
  • Do you think sharing this item with someone who needs it would be nice?
  • What do you find hard when getting ready in the morning?

Let us help you find a closet organizing solution for your home. Our closet systems are great for kids as they can be adjusted over time to suit their needs. We work with you (and any family member) to Make Room for Life®. Proudly serving the Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand, SC areas for more than a decade. Give us a call today!

More Ways to Conquer Kid Clutter:

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