Top Interior Design Trends to Try in Your Home

man cave custom cabinet built-ins myrtle beach

We love bringing our expertise to all of our projects. From the latest trends to note-worthy storage solutions, let the More Space Place Myrtle Beach team help you navigate options. Today, let’s dive into some of the top interior design trends for 2019 and how you can work them into your home.

man cave custom cabinet built-ins myrtle beach

Connect to nature

Natural textures and design elements give an organic feel in a room and can help make it feel connected to nature. Plants and greenery are a good start to help add life into your space. Natural wood is another element you can play with for furniture and built-ins.

Rich textures and colors

Jewel tones and sumptuous textures help add a bit of luxury. Think about rich blues and greens that make a room feel cozy and warm. If you’re not completely ready to paint all of your rooms a vibrant color, choose prints, pillows, and smaller accessories to test out the trend first. Use rich natural textures like wood floors, leather, and fabrics to help create an inviting space.

Focus on handmade goods and sustainability

More and more people, including our clients in Myrtle Beach, are looking to find local artisans for their home décor pieces and home renovation projects. At More Space Place, everything is made in our own factory to help ensure high-quality standards with ethical work practices. Keep in mind that a custom unit is often a better investment than five flimsy storage shelves from a big-box retailer.

Mix it up

two-tone luxurious closet system in pelican bay, myrtle beach

There is more design freedom than ever before. Try mixing textures and colors in your home for a fresh look. Two-tone cabinets are popular and can look incredibly chic when done well. For a subtle look, we recommend using two neutral colors like a grey and a white. The darker color usually works best on lower cabinets to help ground a space. Be deliberate with cabinet placement for a refined look in your space.

Mixing textures is another way to add character to your space. Look to match metals and hardware and add natural elements to offset stark minimalism.

Create a beautifully organized home

Getting organized and maximizing storage is always in style! See how you can create a space that is organized and tidy with your Myrtle Beach experts at More Space Place. We are the trusted local choice for custom closets, wall beds, and more!

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